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We manage any or all of the recruiting funnel for our clients, delivering a high volume of qualified candidates to hiring and talent acquisition managers through a lean and efficient process.

Candidate Sourcing

Companies with internal recruiting staffs can leverage our expertise to “fill the funnel” with a high volume of qualified candidates.

  • Targeted use of social media and programmatic marketing
  • Cultivate both passive and active candidates, expanding reach of more highly qualified candidates
  • Leverage the client’s brand
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Engage & Qualify

Once we fill the funnel, we engage and screen qualified candidates for continued inclusion in the pipeline.

  • Use of AI-driven Text-to-Apply to efficiently and effectively engage
  • Screen candidates for potential submittal to hiring managers
  • Lean and collaborative process with human resources personnel to reduce time and unnecessary cost

Interview & Offer

We vet candidates to ensure we deliver only candidates who meet our clients' standards and job requirements.

  • Conduct phone interviews
  • Review credentials through background checks
  • Submit three qualified candidates to interview on average


Increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover goes beyond the first day.

Recruiting Brief