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We deliver a high volume of qualified candidates to hiring and talent acquisition managers through a lean and efficient process. Our flexible approach allows us to manage any or all of the recruiting funnel tailored to your specific needs and goals. By partnering with Source2, you can reduce time-to-hire, lower recruitment costs, and ensure a steady flow of top talent to support your organization's growth.


RPO Three Ways

Source2's RPO solutions address your unique challenges and accelerate growth. We support your internal TA function, reduce vacancy costs, and provide fast, efficient recruitment for high-volume hiring needs. Outsourcing to Source2 will lower cost-per-hire, improve efficiency, and ensure your hiring keeps pace with your growth.

Candidate Sourcing

Leverage our expertise to fill your talent pipeline with a high volume of qualified candidates. We utilize targeted social media strategies and advanced marketing techniques to reach active and passive candidates, expanding your highly qualified talent pool. By leveraging your brand and our proven sourcing methods, we attract the best candidates to meet your needs.

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Engage & Qualify

Once we fill the funnel, we engage and screen qualified candidates for continued inclusion in the pipeline.

  • Use of AI-driven Text-to-Apply to efficiently and effectively engage
  • Screen candidates for potential submittal to hiring managers
  • Lean and collaborative process with human resources personnel to reduce time and unnecessary cost

Interview & Offer

We vet candidates to ensure we deliver only candidates who meet our clients' standards and job requirements.

  • Conduct phone interviews
  • Review credentials through background checks
  • Submit three qualified candidates to interview on average


We understand sourcing, recruiting, and retention efforts are often the biggest obstacle to achieving your goals and maximizing growth opportunities. Discover the benefits of Source2's flexible, fast, and low-risk Pilot Program. With a 30-day implementation and dedicated support, we deliver tailored solutions and measurable results. 

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