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Recruitment Ramp-up for Peak Revenue Periods - Client Case Study

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A national healthcare insurance provider relied on Source2 to hire 600 new employees in three months amidst a pandemic labor market.



Our Client:

  • Private equity-owned roll-up of two companies comprising a national Medicare solutions provider.
  • Had three locations and 300 employees when relationship was established with Source2.
  • Needed to hire 600 new employees and completely staff a new location, within 120 days to meet peak revenue and growth period.
  • 38 class start days within the 120-day period meant immediate and continual recruitment, screening, and hiring needs.

Their Challenges:

  • Expeditious implementation was essential to meet hiring needs
  • Fast execution of the recruiting and hiring process demanded by peak revenue period. 
  • Candidates had to pass licensure exam after training to be considered a successful hire.


Our Solutions:

  • Full RPO services: recruiting, screening, technologies, client-branded advertising, reporting, and virtual hiring events
  • Quickly scale a team of 18 dedicated recruiters.
  • Source2 empowered to make final hiring decisions.
  • Guided candidates through the licensure and exam process, with 81% passage rate.
  • Recruited 5,608 applicants, phone screened 2,643 who were qualified, made 934 offers, and reached the goal with 691 starts.


This is just one example of the many ways we help our clients meet their goals and be successful with our solutions. If you’d like to discuss your company’s specific situation, quickly scaling for your needs, and how we can assist in future planning for hiring, connect with our executive team by emailing us at solutions@source2.com or by completing our contact form.


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