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Annual Hiring of Thousands of Employees to Support 10x Growth - Client Case Study

utility services technician in the field

A national utility services provider relies on Source2 to annually hire 5,000+ field service technicians. With quick scalability and planning for hiring, we've created a dynamic partnership with this long-term client.



Our Client:

  • Nation's largest provider in their industry with 14,000+ employees.
  • Exponential growth (10x) over the last 10 years.
  • 200+ hiring managers and locations from remote rural areasto major metro markets.
  • 18-year relationship with Source2.

    We proactively bring new ideas and time-saving processes to help our clients grow their business.

Their Challenges:

  • Precise planning and fast execution of the recruiting and hiring process demanded by seasonal aspect of business.
  • High competition for talent and fluctuating hiring needs.
  • Tight hiring window due to training and on-boarding process.
  • Moving qualified candidates through rigorous background and employee screening procedures.

    Source2 is an integral part of our time (client quote)

Our Solutions:

  • Fully integrated RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) system that includes AI technology, client-branded advertising with social media campaigns, analytics, and lean process.
  • Dedicated staff of 30 recruiters.
  • Scale recruitment staff to meet seasonal demand.
  • Over 100 in-person and virtual client-branded job fairs annually.


This is just one example of the many ways we help our clients meet their goals and be successful with our solutions. If you’d like to discuss your company’s specific situation, quickly scaling for your needs, and how we can assist in future planning for hiring, connect with our executive team by emailing us at solutions@source2.com or by completing our contact form.


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