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  • “This new model created with Source2’s help was a proving ground for our business and allowed us to move our business in an entirely new direction and capture a better customer and achieve healthier profitability.”
    Stephan Velleman
    GE Retail Capital Bank
  • “Source2 utilizes its cutting edge software technology, client-branded sourcing, on-site management and custom designed processes to achieve consistent high quality labor staffing while reducing personnel expense.”
    Lea Ann Thomas
    Polk County Board of Commissioners
  • “Source2 really came through (produced a miracle) hiring all the employees in CA (80+ in 2 weeks).  I did not think we’d meet the goal of staffing up bi-linguals contractors in 2 weeks. It was an astonishing feat!”
    Elizabeth Pagan
    APS Healthcare
  • “Thanks for providing top standards in the industry for the criteria and the completeness of your services to us.  You have proven to have been an excellent choice for Univita Health Inc.”
    Barbara Patton
    Univita Healthcare
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