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Our Retention Solutions

Our recruitment efforts have a proven track record in reducing employee turnover, but retaining employees requires efforts beyond the first day of work. Our retention solutions span the entire employee lifecycle and are designed to directly improve retention and the employer's reputation.

Retention_Icon_Attract Top Candidates
Attract Top Candidates
Employer Review Management
Retention_Icon_Engage New Employees
Engage New Employees
Retention_Icon_Uncover Root Causes
Uncover Root Causes
Exit Surveys
Retention_Icon_Improve Review Scores
Improve Review Scores
Employer Review Management
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Our AI-driven technology promotes long-term productivity, satisfaction, and retention of employees through personalized engagement:
  • Send text messages and engage with new hires at key milestones
  • Gather feedback and data through brief surveys
  • Receive instant alerts to proactively address issues

Exit Surveys

By soliciting valuable feedback through personal conversations with outgoing employees, we can identify and address key issues contributing to employee turnover:
  • Gather data with a higher response rate
  • Provide actionable insights to reduce voluntary turnover
  • Furnish periodic reporting to track trends and monitor progress
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Employer Review Management

Retention starts by attracting top candidates. By identifying positive employee experiences and proactively addressing critical reviews, we can help improve your reputation on Indeed and Glassdoor.
  • Identify and nurture opportunities for authentic positive reviews
  • Proactively monitor for critical reviews
  • Perform root cause analysis, offer practical recommendations


We understand sourcing, recruiting, and retention efforts are often the biggest obstacle to achieving your goals and maximizing growth opportunities. Discover the benefits of Source2's flexible, fast, and low-risk Pilot Program. With a 30-day implementation and dedicated support, we deliver tailored solutions and measurable results. 

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