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Why would I consider outsourcing hiring and recruiting our people--our most valuable asset--to a third party?

Source2 does not make hiring decisions. While we facilitate all aspects of the recruiting process, hiring decisions are always the prerogative of our clients' hiring and talent acquisition managers.

Our role is to assist your internal HR team in managing the recruitment funnel. We bring process expertise and leading-edge technology to find, qualify, evaluate, and screen the best available talent.  We also assist in the retention of newly hired employees.

We use temporary or contract services and like the "trial run" with candidates before making long-term offers. Isn't this a less risky and less costly way to hire?

The best quality employees typically have multiple options for full-time employment and will not accept temporary or contract opportunities. Therefore, workers available from temp agencies are often of low quality and have problematic histories with respect to productivity, safety, dependability, trainability, etc., resulting in higher turnover and other potential employer expenses. In addition to these “hidden costs," the out-of-pocket recruiting costs are also high, often twice the per-hire costs as Source2.

Isn't it more cost-efficient to build an internal team than outsource to a third party who will take part of my profit?

The largest cost of failed recruiting is the lost opportunity cost of not having enough employees to meet your business needs. Source2's value to clients in this respect is our rapid time-to-fill.  

Cost is also a function of efficiency, and our process expertise and technology are ideally suited to high-volume recruiting of frontline employees. Our cost-per-hire to clients is typically 2%-8% of first-year wages.

How can Source2 outperform our internal recruiting efforts? Do you have proprietary recruiting channels for candidates?

There are no truly proprietary approaches to recruiting. However, technology is increasingly important to win in the marketplace by finding and attracting quality candidates.

Our strategy includes targeted social media and programmatic advertising, as well as automated engagement and scheduling tools like AI-driven text-to-apply, to find more candidates of higher quality and keep them engaged through a streamlined recruiting process.

Our prior experience with an RPO company wasn't good. How would working with Source2 be different?

The primary difference between Source2 and most RPO companies is our flexibility in tailoring solutions specific to the needs of each client.  We know that one size doesn't fit all, and we are responsive to the evolving needs of our clients and their industries.

That flexibility and our unique approach to crafting true partnerships are what we hear about most often from our clients who have worked with other RPO companies in the past.

Simply--why Source2?

We win in the competitive talent market for our clients by combining process expertise with leading-edge technology. We know how candidate behavior has changed, and we closely monitor how it is evolving. We craft solutions that deliver qualified candidates in higher quantities that enable clients achieve organic growth and avoid lost opportunities.


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