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AI, Automation & Analytics: Technology is Revolutionizing Recruiting

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Good news. Technology can significantly impact your recruiting success. The AI, automation and data analytics tools now available can be a source of competitive advantage for finding, attracting and retaining top talent. In fact, there are discrete technology solutions that address every stage of the recruiting process (i.e., sourcing, screening, scheduling, interviewing hiring, on-boarding, etc.)

The challenge. First, the landscape of recruiting technologies is large, complex and constantly evolving with new entrants increasingly making extravagant claims as to capabilities. Second, the HR teams at most middle-market companies simply do not have the time and resources to identify and evaluate the many available technologies. Most internal HR teams are doing heroic work in managing the increasing time-consuming and frustrating tasks of finding candidates and handholding them through the recruitment process. Regrettably, HR teams are so often caught in the catch-22 situation of not having the bandwidth to identify and implement the very technology solutions that would leverage their time and enable them to focus on higher strategic priorities.

A solution. Source2 “brings the tech”. As a recruitment and retention partner to middle-market companies hiring frontline employee in high volumes, a significant element of Source2’s value proposition is our continuous evaluation and selection of best-in-class technologies. We provide our clients contemporary recruiting solutions that integrate advanced technologies into recruiting processes developed through Lean Process methodologies. Our objective is to make Recruiting and Retention a source of competitive advantage for our clients. Plain and simple.

More and better-quality candidates. Reduced applicant dropout rates. Improved time-to-hire. Lower cost-per-hire. Properly executed, these are tangible benefits of technology-enable lean recruiting processes. Source2 delivers all the above to our clients.  Let’s explore what we can do for you.

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