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The Impact of Culture & Leadership on Customer Service


Culture. Leadership. Every company has it. But what makes one company's better than another? At Source2, our core values drive our culture, and are reflected in every decision we make. We believe accountability, initiative, and doing the right thing for our clients, through teamwork, will always deliver results. This is reflective in our long-standing client relationships. Because our core values were developed by our employees, who work day in and day out with our customers, this translates into a high level of customer engagement and satisfaction. Working hand to hand with our customers enables Source2 to provide its core function; through teamwork, accountability, and an inherent drive to do the right thing, we are trusted by our clients to help them meet their core need of finding the most qualified and best fit candidates for employment.

In addition to our culture, Source2 has an experienced leadership group ranging from diverse backgrounds, human resources, technology services, and private equity. We have great tenure; our leadership team has been with the company for more than ten years. Leadership is very involved in customer relationships; we are super involved with our customers which adds to the customer experience. Source2's leadership benefits the client both from the delivery of our service of qualified candidates, and helping our customers achieve cost savings. To learn more about Source2, and speak to one of our executives, click the following link to schedule an appointment.


Written By: Source2

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