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Through teamwork, accountability, and an inherent drive to do the right thing, we are trusted by our clients to help them with their main priority – finding the most qualified and best fit candidates for employment.

And we have a little fun along the way.


The trust our clients have in us shows in our many longstanding partner relationships, and that trust is a direct reflection of our core values. These core values were created by our team members and are inherent in everything we do.

Do the Right Thing
Honesty and integrity come first. We listen attentively, speak candidly and act with sincerity. We treat others how we’d like to be treated.
Client Focused
If our clients are successful, we are successful. We seek to understand our clients’ needs and offer solutions. We strive to develop genuine, mutually beneficial relationships.
Take Initiative, Be Accountable
We proactively and independently strive to improve every day. We take responsibility for our actions and our results. We learn from mistakes.
Win Together Through Teamwork
We are loyal to the company and each other above our own personal ambitions. We are dependable and follow through on our commitments.
Deliver Results
Our colleagues and clients trust us because we exceed expectations. We are flexible and deliver results with the right quality in a timely fashion. We rise to the occasion and never settle.

Our people and our culture set us apart. Since Source2’s founding in 1999, we have evolved with our clients’ changing needs through daily collaboration. We become experts in our client industries, and we partner closely with our clients’ HR teams to create competitive advantage through first class recruiting solutions.

Our team represents a spectrum of race, gender, identity, age, religion, and beyond, and embracing, respecting, and learning from our differences (and discovering our similarities are essential to our company culture and growth as individuals and a team.

  • 54% of our employees are Black, Hispanic, Asian, or multiracial.
  • 60% of our leadership team are women.
  • Source2 remains committed to advancement in diversity as the company continues grow at a rapid rate. 
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To ensure diversity and inclusion remain a continuous focus and that we continue to foster both individual and company growth, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee strives to:

  • Represent the larger employee community, its breath of diversity, and its interests.
  • Facilitate initiatives to enhance the lives and further the education of our employees in and out of the office.
  • Coordinate training and education relative to DEI during onboarding and throughout an employee's tenure.
  • Ensure a positive employee experience where all employees are treated with respect and acceptance by leadership and their peers.

Meet Our Leaders


David Nuxol

As president and CEO, David brings 30 years' of experience in outsourcing and recruitment to our clients, working closely with all our partners since founding Source2 in 1999. 


Bob Byrne

Bob joined Source2 as Executive Chairman after a successful 20-year career in private equity, during which he was a Source2 client and directly experienced the company's value in action. 


Kate Byrne

Kate's lifetime of experience in organizational finance & management fuels her role as CFO, ensuring Source2's internal operations fulfill our own employee's needs. 

Geoff Barlow

Geoff Barlow

With over 25-years of talent acquisition & technology experience, our COO Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge to Source2 that enable us to leverage cutting-edge technology and processes for our customers and client teams.


Michelle Freeman

With over 18-years of tenure, Michelle is responsible for client service delivery and support for our internal team as Sr. Director of Operations, Client Services. 

Andrew Burke B&W

Andrew Burke

Andrew brings over 13-years of recruiting experience to his role as Sr. Director of Operations, Client Services, where he leads multiple teams and oversees a portfolio of client partnerships.

Nick Karkis

Nick Karkis

As our Sr. Director of Operations, Client Success, Nick oversees and optimizes the recruitment process, implements strategic initiatives to enhance efficiency, and ensures the quality of services delivered to our clients.


Angie Green

As Director of Client Services, Angie brings over 21 years of high-volume recruiting and management experience at Source2, providing our clients with flexible solutions for their needs. 

Eric LeBlanc

Eric LeBlanc

Eric leverages his expertise as our Director of Recruitment Marketing & Technology and oversees our Recruitment Marketing department, to ensure we deliver exceptional results and efficiencies for our internal teams and customers.

Taylor Wallerstein (1)

Taylor Wallerstein

Joining Source2 in 2020, Taylor leads our HR department as Director of Human Resources. Her contributions have enabled Source2 to scale, retain our highest performing employees, and maintain the positive workplace culture Source2 is known for.

Bob Backes

Bob Backes

Bob has over 35 years' experience in HR and nearly 20 years in healthcare with UnitedHealth Group, which he helped transform from a regional group to a multifaceted nationwide organization.


Jayson Miller

With over 15 years' of experience in both HR outsourcing and IT,  Jayson ensures clients receive exceptional service to enhance their talent outcomes. 


"I feel like we're all part of a team and not just individuals expected to meet a goal and then leave for the day. The management team is supportive, and I love helping change peoples' lives by helping them find a job."

- Source2 Team Member


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