Recruiting as a Competitive Advantage

WHAT We Deliver

  • Low Cost: Achieve 30% - 60% savings in cost-per-hire
  • Speed: Reduce time-to-fill
  • HR Relief: Enable HR to focus on strategic priorities
  • Retention Focus: Engage new hires with AI-driven texting technology

HOW We Do It

  • Technology: Evaluate and deploy best-of-class technologies.
  • Scale: Leverage buying power and scale economies
  • Process Expertise: Utilize lean and agile methodologies to eliminate waste
  • Partnership with HR: Customize solutions. Discover and implement improvement opportunities through regular reporting on KPIs

Lean and Agile Methodologies

Kaizen Events in HR?  Absolutely!

Have your HR processes been scrutinized under the “Lean” lens?  Source2 utilizes “lean” methodologies to identify and eliminate waste across the entire Talent Acquisition process.  We can identify wasted time and effort, excess spending, and mistakes to avoid.

Agile applied to HR

The simple message of Agile is: “Deliver value to customers faster.  Embrace experimentation and change. Minimize bureaucracy”. 

The “Agile Manifesto” was developed by a group of industry-leading software developers in Feb 2001.  The manifesto consisted of 12 basic principles.

These 12 Principles address customer engagement, flexibility, adaptability, and embracing change as a competitive advantage. At Source2, we live these core principals every day.  We welcome the opportunity to tell you more.

Technology Leadership

We continuously survey the horizon for the best technologies to enhance the entire recruitment process from sourcing of candidates to onboarding and retention of new hires.

Recruiting Brief