Value Proposition & Differentiation

Specialize in recruiting & retention of “frontline” employees

Operate with agility and flexibility

  • Customize solutions
  • Offer fast start pilot programs to ease adoption
  • Adapt quickly to changing needs
  • Easily scale up or down

Optimize processes

  • Utilize lean methodologies to identify and eliminate waste

Know and address how candidate behavior is challenging HR

  • Enable offloading of recruiting task that burden HR
  • Allow HR to focus on strategic priorities – retention, training, development, etc

 Integrate leading technology into recruiting solution

  • Utilize AI to streamline candidate and new hire engagement
  • Maximize effectiveness and minimize cost

New Approaches For New Market Realities


Best Candidates Already Employed
Not actively looking
Hard to find
Lots of offers

Candidate Engagement

Communication preferences
Short attention span
Expect immediacy in feedback
High rates of fallout/abandonment

Task Proliferation

Increased hand-holding through recruitment process
Frequent engagement to deter fallout and “ghosting”
Recruiting tasks crowding out resources aimed at Retention



Find & Engage “Passive” Candidates

AI-assisted sourcing and screening 
Machine learning augmented job description editing
Active outreach from manual and AI-assisted research

Streamline Application Process

Short-form applications
Rapid response to candidates via SMS texting 

Technology Assistance
Applicant Tracking System – mobile friendly and text enabled 
Automated scheduling, confirmations and reminders
Retention driven through post-hire engagement 


Lower Cost / Proven ROI

Two Primary Objectives:

1. Eliminate opportunity costs and impediments to growth

  • Deliver high-quality candidates that are reliable, safe and productive
  • Fill all open positions (100% fill rate)
  • Reduce time-to-fill

2. Lower recruitment costs

  • Eliminate any usage of costly staffing or search firms  (savings of 30% - 50%)
  • Low cost-per-hire
    • Typically 2% - 8% of first year wages, depending on
      • Volume of hires
      • Difficulty – scarcity, supply/demand, geography, etc

Source2 Model is Volume Dependent
Leveraging of Fixed Costs Yields Lower Cost-Per-Hire


Retention Focused

Studies show that turnover is highest during the first 6 months of employment.

Source2 conducts deep dive analytics on turnover/attrition to identify real data (not anecdotes) regarding turnover

  • Establishes base line from which to drive improvement

Source2 screens and recruits for candidate attributes that correlate to high retention

  • Experience, prior job history, skills, aptitude, etc

Source2 utilizes AI-driven texting technology, along with personal outreach, to connect and engage with new hires:

  • Delivers customized messages at key intervals to foster connectivity and engagement
  • Requests feedback regarding job satisfaction and expectations
  • Escalates engagement with employees at risk of turnover
  • Offers a consistent experience during on-boarding

Partners with HR

Source2 operates as an extension of, and complement to, Client’s HR team
As specialist in high-volume recruiting of “front-line” workers, we customize each solution to our specific clients’ needs.  As part of our high flexibility, we tackle large, complex challenges.


  • Use client’s brand and client’s employee value proposition.
  • HR retains control through process definition, frequent status meetings, and review of metrics
  • Recruiting effort is dedicated, committed, uncompromised, and “always on”
  • High level of personal contact with applicants to encourage, remind and usher them through the application, pre-qualification and interview processes
  • High accountability to the Hiring Manager – “they say jump, we say how high”
  • Regional differences and Hiring Manager preferences are accommodated


  • Effectiveness
    • HR able to focus on screening and retention
    • Best practices adopted from hundreds of client engagements
  • Flexibility & Scalability
    • Scale up and down as needed based on business dynamics and seasonality
    • Redundancy of a “team” effort that mitigates turnover risk
  • Active Sourcing to find “Passive” candidates
    • Active outreach
    • Grass roots efforts
  • Technology Integration
    • ATS, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Social Recruiting
  • Process Management - Best practices to drive …
    • Time-to-hire
    • Cost-per-hire
Recruiting Brief