Experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing Professionals

Robert Backes
Executive Vice President


Bob leads Source2’s Professional and HealthCare Services practices. He has over 35 years of HR experience, including his role as Senior Vice President of HR with UnitedHealth Group from 1985 until 2002. Learn More >> As the senior HR leader with UHG, Bob helped transform the HR function through organic growth and acquisitions from a regional managed care organization of 500 employees to a nationwide multifaceted healthcare organization of 30,000 employees. Bob has a deep understanding of all HR functions and has led multiple due diligence teams on acquisitions. He has led both overall HR and talent acquisition functional assessments and his passion is to develop best practices and results-oriented HR functions and team members.

Robert Byrne
Executive Chairman


Bob joined Source2 in 2018 after a long-term relationship as a client. Bob is a serial entrepreneur involved in the successful start-up of four companies over the past 20 years after an initial career in private equity. Learn More >> Two of Bob’s companies utilized Source2 in meeting their hiring needs. Most recently, the Field Services company that Bob founded in 2002 and recently sold used Source2’s RPO services for the hiring of highly-skilled Field Technicians, Electricians, and Project Managers. Bob credits the Source2 solution with unburdening his HR team from many tactical aspects of recruiting, thereby enabling greater focus on highly strategic priorities such as final candidate assessment, on-boarding, employee engagement, and retention. Additionally, the rapid time-to-fill from RPO reduced the company’s high opportunity cost of idle trucks, while also reducing cost-per-hire by 50%. With his long tenure as a former client, Bob is passionate about how Source2’s solutions enable C-suite executives to reimagine and re-engineer the HR function for greater strategic impact.

Michelle Freeman
Director of Client Services


Michelle is responsible for the success of our new customers and ensuring our Client Service Managers are well-supported. Learn More >> Michelle has more than 12 years’ experience in recruitment operations and client service for a diverse portfolio of national clients, ranging from one of the largest personal line insurers in the United States to a national off-airport parking operator.



Angie leads recruiting and client service teams for Source2’s high-volume customers in the utilities, automobile parking, and valet industries. Learn More >> Angie and her teams review more than 100,000 candidates annually. Having started in Source2’s payroll department in 2003, Angie quickly moved into recruiting and managing accounts in the utilities, hospitality, and finance sectors. She has more than 17 years of professional experience in management, working directly with clients to provide services that are both unique and flexible to their needs.



Jayson has over 15 years’ experience as a senior leader in the human resources outsourcing industry. As COO, Jayson is responsible for the delivery of exceptional service to Source2’s clients and advancing the company’s purpose of building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Learn More >> With a background and experience in IT, Jayson also oversees Source2’s evaluation, selection and integration of AI, machine learning, text-to-apply and other advanced technologies that enhance recruiting processes. Prior to Source2, Jayson helped successfully launch San Francisco-based Sequoia One, an HR services firm designed exclusively for high-tech startups. He also served as COO at ProService Hawaii, the state's largest HR outsourcing organization. Additionally, he previously led Operations and Technology at CoAdvantage, one of the nation’s largest privately-held professional employer organizations (PEO).



David has over 30 years’ experience as an executive in the outsourcing and recruitment industry. Prior to founding Source2 in 1999, David worked for 12 years at Norrell Corporation, a NYSE company, and served as the firm’s Florida Regional Vice President. Learn More >> David founded Source2 to offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for high-volume hiring, with particular focus on business services and healthcare companies in chronic need of field and “front-line” personnel.



Kristine leads Source2’s recruiting and client service teams for healthcare, engineering, and architecture customers. Learn More >> Kristine and her team engage more than 10,000 passive candidates annually. With a background in the healthcare industry, Kristine joined Source2 in 2012 and has held several leadership positions. Her varied professional career has included staff, administrative, and clinical roles. Kristine's passion for matching the right candidate to the culture, core values, and beliefs of her clients has enabled her to achieve high levels of client satisfaction.



Beverly leads recruiting and client service teams for our government and staffing customers. Learn More >> Delivering the highest levels of service in all aspects of the hiring process for Source2’s public sector clients, Beverly has more than 10 years of experience at Source2, having worked in both human resources and recruitment process outsourcing. She has a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the recruitment process including account management, operations, sales support, and client relations.




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