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AI & Mobile Technology: Your Recruiting Secret Weapons

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If 2020 has taught us anything thus far, it’s that we have to be willing and able to adapt as both individuals and organizations, and the use of technology is at the forefront of this evolution.

According to Monster's 2019 Year-End Hiring Report, 49% of job searches are now conducted via mobile devices, and 54% of Gen Z won’t complete an application if your recruiting methods seem outdated. While the world has changed considerably since this data was compiled earlier this year, the emphasis on technology has only further magnified across every aspect of our lives. Candidate behavior and recruitment initiatives are no exception.

Job search mobile device use statistics

There are now more available job candidates, but if employers aren’t meeting job seekers where they are, the most qualified and interested prospects may never know about the opportunities available to them. Once those candidates are discovered, enticing them to proceed to the next step requires a simple, streamlined candidate experience.

Source2 Tech StackThis is where a comprehensive technology stack enters the scene, particularly the elements of digital marketing, job post optimization, and AI technology. Digital marketing and job post optimization help employers expand their reach, and AI-driven text-to-apply technology engages candidates more quickly and efficiently. This strategic marketing and technology also aids in attracting desirable passive candidates, who may not be actively looking but are open to making a move.

A challenge for many companies is that the universe of recruiting technology is vast and ever-changing. It takes considerable time and money to determine the best platforms and tools to achieve a comprehensive technology stack that addresses all stages and aspects of the recruiting process.

To effectively “fill” the recruiting funnel, posting on job boards and waiting for results, or solely utilizing recruiters for outbound calls isn’t enough to generate viable candidates in volume. Though job boards are still a valuable piece of the strategy, employing paid campaigns targeted by specific keywords and interests yield substantial boosts in applicant volume. Utilizing key sites like Indeed and social media platforms like Facebook, it is important to have clear and succinct messaging that gets to the point, accompanied by a visual that conveys the nature of the available position, to reach and engage appropriate candidate audiences.

Worker completing pulse surveyWhile the initial messaging and placement is important, the applicant engagement experience is critical to success. If a process is too lengthy, time-consuming, or complicated, candidates will “fall out” at various stages in the recruiting process, costing the hiring team valuable time and effort.

This is where AI and texting technology can make an enormous impact. These tools significantly improve speed of engagement and reduce candidate fallout, while still offering a very human experience to the candidate.

How do AI and texting technology work in recruiting? At Source2 we’ve found it to be extremely effective throughout the process:

  • Sourcing and Application. Highlighting text-to-apply options in marketing communications boost application rates by as much as 25%, and the instant AI response and simple process ensure higher completion rates.
  • Qualification and Screening. Through initial application questions and rapid follow-up, candidates provide better and more useful information about their experience and qualifications because of their comfort with the technology, and this more efficiently uses recruiters’ time thanks to the use of AI responses.
  • Interview Scheduling & Reminders. After initial screening, candidates are scheduled for interviews with hiring managers through an automated process that includes calendar scheduling integration and text message communications. The text messages confirm meeting details and provide periodic reminders, reducing candidate ghosting and fallout.
  • Feedback & Retention. Recruitment goes beyond the first day of work to reduce turnover and improve employer reputation. We conduct simple AI-driven pulse surveys via text at pivotal points during a new employee’s journey to solicit feedback and monitor for any critical issues that may warrant attention.

To get an idea of what interacting with our AI solution entails, text “Source2” to 25000 to connect and schedule a meeting with our CEO while exploring the technology.

AI and texting technologies are changing the recruitment landscape, and staying ahead of the curve with these important tools is critical to the success of your recruitment efforts. For more information or to explore a pilot program for your company, reach out to Source2 by texting to connect, emailing us at solutions@source2.com, or completing our contact form. By partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise and economies of scale for high-volume recruitment of frontline employees, and get in front of the right candidates, with the right messaging, using the right communication vehicles.

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