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Source2 Named Top Workplace for Fifth Consecutive Year


While the workforce has experienced seismic shifts during the past several years, those that are consistently recognized for attracting and retaining talent in a tight market have found ways to put the needs of their employees at the forefront. Attesting to the company’s continued commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction, for the fifth year in a row, Source2 has been named among the Orlando Sentinel’s Top Workplaces in 2022.

As a leader in workforce recruitment and retention, Source2 prides itself on ‘walking the walk’ by employing practices the company so often encourages its own clients to implement. In 2022, Source2 made the decision to allow all employees the option to work remotely full-time, not only providing more flexibility to the firm’s existing workforce, but also opening up the possibility of attracting talent outside its traditional geographic scope of operations.

“We’re thrilled to have once again been recognized as a Top Workplace by the Orlando Sentinel, based solely on quantitative employee feedback,” said David Nuxol, Source2’s President & CEO. “It is especially meaningful because more than 100 employees were the ones to contribute to our placement on this list, and it’s a high compliment when the people who make up an organization are those who are ranking it so favorably.”

With access to data analytics and a finger on the pulse of workforce trends, Source2 was able to strategically grow the company in excess of 75% year-over-year, expanding focus areas into industries that have been particularly hard-hit by the tightening labor market, including healthcare and insurance. With such operational growth also came opportunities for existing Source2 employees to expand into greater leadership positions within the company.

Data provided by Energage also highlighted employees’ satisfaction with the company’s tight-knit culture and continued focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives. A Diversity & Inclusion Committee has been created to ensure diversity and inclusion remain top-of-mind and that Source2 continue to foster both individual and company growth.

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