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Scalability & Planning Your Hiring

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When a new client comes to us for assistance, it’s most often an urgent situation when they have an immediate and ongoing need to hire a large number of people, typically after struggling to fill the positions themselves with internal resources or staffing firms. They need a high volume of workers, and they need them now! In turn, we need to ramp quickly and effectively scale our resources to provide the needed assistance. Fortunately, we excel in these situations, and it’s exactly the kind of challenge we like to solve.

More than ever before, it’s difficult for many of our clients to predict and plan for demand from their customers. Projects are either accelerated or placed on hold with greater frequency. Supply chain shocks caused by random COVID plant shutdowns, tariffs or trade restrictions, and other factors are increasingly common.

Due to these challenges, the capability to rapidly scale is critical to avoid the opportunity cost of disappointing customers. Beyond the near-term revenue and profit loss, the inability to meet business demands has large ramifications, such as lost business opportunities, client attrition, and brand reputation damage. The ability to quickly scale and hire can also be a source of competitive advantage and differentiation in the market.

Source2’s experience and expertise in rapid scalability has allowed our clients to win in the marketplace. Our process knowledge and leveraging of AI and other leading recruiting technologies enables us to source, engage and screen candidates very quickly. Our standard time-to-fill from sourcing to start date is less than 30 days, in some cases as little as 14 days.

A recent new client came to us after learning of our proven ability to scale quickly in solving for an immediate need. They were adding 75 new trucks to their fleet and needed to fill 100 positions to operate at full capacity. The timing of the hiring of new drivers was critically important to coincide with the delivery of the new trucks. Our client had made commitments to its customers based on its capacity expansion and was at risk of missing delivery dates if they failed to hire a large number of new employees.

While many new client relationships have started by meeting an emergency need, once we’ve established a long-term relationship with a client, we use data analytics to evaluate seasonality, turnover, geographical market differences, growth plans and other factors that allow us to effectively manage the needs and priorities of clients. We can scale and allocate our personnel in a more flexible way than is typically possible with our clients’ full-time internal personnel.

A great example of this is our process with a long-time Source2 client and national utility services provider. Over time, we have been able to accurately predict and plan for seasonal hiring that ramps up significantly at the beginning of the year after reaching a low point at the end of the year. Working as partners in close collaboration with the clients’ HR and Operations leadership, Source2 has developed a recruiting program that scales up and down with great flexibility to meet the highly seasonal nature of the business. This 15+ year relationship has evolved as new technologies have enabled more precise sourcing, enhanced candidate engagement, accelerated the pace of hiring, and improved post-hire retention.

For more specific information and statistics, check out our latest case study on Scaling & Planning For Hiring with the utility services client mentioned above. If you’d like to discuss your company’s specific situation and scaling solutions, connect with our executive team by emailing us at solutions@source2.com or by completing our contact form.

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