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5 Steps to a Successful Virtual Hiring Event

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We know the spread of COVID-19 continues to have a profound and evolving impact on the way we work and live, and as companies look to re-populate their workforces, recruitment and hiring processes are no exception.

In our recent “The COVID-Era Paradox: Recruitment & Hiring” article, we introduced virtual hiring events (also known as company-specific job fairs) as a safe and cost-effective solution to interview potential candidates in high volumes. Here we’ve outlined five tips to execute a successful event:

  1. Plan. What do you need to accomplish? Define clear hiring objectives. Focus the event on 1-3 high priority positions. Use historical data to determine the required number of candidates, interviews and hiring managers that need to be available to effectively interview and hire the desired number of new employees. Designate a single person responsible for managing the hiring event, who will guide hiring managers and candidates through the process. Give yourself enough time. We recommend 7-10 days to allow for proper preparation and marketing.

  2. Promote. We find a mix of paid and organic ads on job boards like Indeed and Craigslist and social media generates the best return. Consider using a platform like Indeed Hiring Events to help manage these efforts. Also, use your existing database to re-engage qualified previous applicants for newly available positions.

    Hiring in a rural or low candidate supply area? Mixing more traditional advertising with your digital efforts may help yield more results. For example, Source2 utilizes vehicle magnets and limited print materials that allow candidates to express interest via text message to reach new candidate populations.

    It’s important to be authentic in your promotional content. Use photos of real employees working rather than stock photography, and use clear and concise language that avoids buzzwords. Highlight the top 3-5 benefits of working for your organization and/or in the position.

  3. Engage. Proactively engage and educate your hiring managers regarding the process well in advance. Follow-up with candidates within one business day, and confirm their attendance and access to the proper technology within 24 hours of the event, using a combination of email and text messages.

    Ensure you have a valid mobile phone number for candidates to increase engagement and decrease your no-show rates. Candidates respond to text messaging at a much higher rate than email, and 90 percent prefer text over a phone call or email early in the hiring process.

  4. Pre-quality & register. Pre-qualify candidates using a short-form application or basic questionnaire prior to confirming an interview. Use the registration process to educate candidates to drive an exceptional candidate experience. Provide your hiring managers with a schedule and candidate pre-qualifications ahead of the event.

    If you’re looking to streamline event management, there are a number of great platforms designed specifically for this purpose, such as Eventbrite, CommunityPass, and ZapEvent.

  5. Select & test the right tech. Use a service such as Zoom or RingCentral Meetings that doesn’t require an account or special permissions for participants. The platform should also provide you with host management tools, waiting rooms and one-on-one rooms, and the ability to engage candidates and hiring managers individually and as a group. Test all your tech and entire process with your hiring mangers ahead of the event, especially if this is your first event.

    Finally, don’t rely on a single system. No tech platform is perfect. While we utilize Zoom and RingCentral to deliver virtual hiring events, we also have a separate text messaging platform so hiring managers and candidates can reach us if any issues arise. Additionally, we provide call-in numbers for hiring managers and candidates as a back-up.

By planning ahead and following these steps, you’ll set yourself up for a successful virtual hiring event and allow your team to focus on candidate interviews and offers. Need more help with your recruiting process or looking to reduce your cost? Connect with us at solutions@source2.com.

Written By: Source2

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