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HR & RPO: A Perfect Match

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Human resource managers are often under-appreciated within many organizations, especially in today’s environment. Charged with strategic initiatives such as cultural alignment, onboarding, retention, benefits management, training, and more, they are often burdened with a host of highly time-consuming lower-level tasks.

One of the most task-heavy functions within HR is recruiting. This is where RPO can be of significant value. With a strong and collaborative RPO partner, HR can transfer many of the processes and tasks that are most time-consuming. By leveraging scale, process expertise, and advanced technologies, an RPO partner can unburden HR and hiring managers to focus on their highest-level priorities, including making ultimate hiring decisions.

How exactly does an RPO partner make HR lives easier?

Human resource professionals are relieved of time-consuming recruitment processes. Writing job descriptions, posting to job boards, creating advertising, attending job fairs and grass roots initiatives, reviewing resumes and screening candidates, scheduling and attending interviews, and the list goes on.

Recruitment also never really ends, even when an organization is fully staffed. It’s constant work to manage an employer’s brand and search for good candidates. In industries with high turnover or with seasonal needs, it requires consistent attention and resources to manage the recruitment funnel effectively. With an RPO partner like Source2, the burden of recruiting is lifted from internal HR, allowing more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

HR managers’ time is used more efficiently. It’s not uncommon to hear of experiences where HR felt they spent more time managing an external partner than simply facilitating the work internally. Our experience is that the root cause of such negative experiences is related to the inflexibility or internal bureaucracy of the partner selected, not the act of outsourcing itself.  

On the flip side, an agile and flexible approach in coordinating with HR should lead to quick and streamlined implementation of best practices, and collaborative communication that significantly reduces the time commitment of HR. At Source2, we pride ourselves on the trusting relationships and comprehensive business understanding we establish with our clients. HR managers can trust tasks are being done with speed and accuracy with minimal oversight. Our own clients say it best:

Source2 is more than just our valued talent acquisition partner – they are a part of our work family!  Each person assigned to our account has established strong working relationships with our entire management team and they genuinely care about us and our success.

The quality and quantity of candidates they present to us, along with their willingness to always share their experiences, best practices, and ideas for continuous improvement, proves how much they care. Our success is their success.”  ~ Nora W., VP of HR

Technology and automation save time and money.
Our technology helps maximize candidate flow while also minimizing use of hiring managers’ time. Our AI-driven SMS Text-to-Apply tools help engage more potential candidates and reduce the screening process from days or weeks to minutes with real-time responses. Our texting engagement accelerates the screening process for the most qualified candidates, and our technology can automatically schedule candidate interviews with Hiring Managers through dynamic schedule integration.

Our virtual hiring events also alleviate the use of even more of hiring managers’ time. Our experience is that virtual hiring events can be equally and sometimes more effective than on-site events. A well-planned and executed virtual event can result in a higher percentage of job offers to qualified candidates with less time required to find the best candidates. As candidates log into a virtual hiring event, they are greeted by a Source2 host who places them in a virtual waiting room, allowing for quick shifts in scheduling to make the best use of time. Additionally, during the downtime between interviews or created by candidate “no-shows”, hiring managers are better able to attend to other priorities, rather than being stalled at a physical event.

Source2 truly strives to make HR managers’ lives easier. While we’re committed to this goal, it means even more when it’s affirmed by our client partners:

“Source2 provides flexible recruiting services and has exceeded my expectations when supporting our company’s continued M&A growth strategy. I’ve partnered with several other RPO partners during my 20+-year Talent Acquisition career, and by far, Source2 is the best RPO partner I’ve leveraged.

Source2 makes the initial onboarding process easy and is there to provide continued guidance and advisory services throughout the recruiting process. If a company is considering RPO services, they should reach out to Source2 to schedule a conversation.” ~Geoff B., Director of Talent Acquisition

We have more information coming in our next RPO series articles on cost efficiency, process and performance, but if you do want to schedule a conversation now, reach out to us at solutions@source2.com or by completing our contact form for a member of our executive team to connect with you.

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