Is the current talent shortage impacting the growth of your portfolio companies?

We are a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm that specializes in high-volume recruiting utilizing the latest AI, big data, machine learning, and social recruiting technologies to streamline talent acquisition.  We enable high-growth companies to outsource the entire process of attracting, screening, interviewing, and delivering highly qualified candidates to clients for final interviews and hiring, utilizing your brand throughout the process.

Our core RPO Solution of a dedicated, uncompromised recruiting effort means the hiring needs of your portfolio companies can be met or exceeded while saving money.

Our Due Diligence Service audits recruiting capabilities and hiring practices of current and prospective portfolio companies. We can determine if recruiting and/or turnover is inhibiting growth and what to change to achieve success.


RPO inoculates recruiting from HR’s many competing priorities resulting in a dedicated, consistent and uncompromised effort.

>  HR liberated to spend more time and attention on employee retention, training and development.

We can act as your stand-alone recruitment arm or support your existing recruiting function.

RPO empowers your hiring managers by offering focused and dedicated recruiting resources enabling agility and quick response to changing needs..

>  Highly cost effective using hybrid model of fixed and variable compensation that is highly scalable.

We use your brand to drive quality candidates to your opportunities.  All postings are on your branded web pages.  Source2 team member interaction with candidates is indistinguishable from your own companies’ personnel.

Source2’s services include labor analytics, job fairs, assessments, and much more.

Consultants to PE firms during due diligence to audit recruiting capabilities and employee turnover – 2 critical issues affecting organic growth.

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David Nuxol
President & CEO
Having founded Source2 in 1999,  as CEO David oversees the overall direction of the business, with a heavy focus on sales, marketing and business development.


Bob Byrne
EVP Strategy & Development
Bob is a serial entrepreneur who businesses grew dramatically supported by Source2’s RPO solution.  Bob’s first career was private equity.

Lynette_Stokes_SQ.pngLynette Stokes
Senior Engagement Specialist
Lynette focuses on understanding Client workforce challenges and the impact of these challenges on their business. She works with our Senior Management Team and Consultants to find solutions that solve these challenges.

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