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RPO Checklist


RPO Checklist

Plenty of vendors offer RPO services, but many of them specialize in different industries and employee segments. When choosing an RPO partner, size and name recognition don’t necessarily make them the right fit for your needs.

You must consider what you need versus what they offer, what results are most important to you, and how you prefer the working relationship to feel.  

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Do They Have the Right Stuff? 

You likely have more than one need. Maybe you need to recruit for an expansion or merger while also pursuing a DEI initiative and reducing churn. Not only should you make sure your vendor can meet all of your needs, but also think about how they can lift the HR function in your organization as a whole. 

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Strategic Partners are Better Than Vendors.

A vendor doesn’t dig deep to understand your organization and its needs, nor are they interested in your overall success. A strategic partner treats your goals like their own. They make it easier to pivot and accommodate emerging business demands, and they keep you in the loop with trends and insights to help you stay ahead. They’re always asking what more they can do to help. 

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Can They Get It Done? 

Business can’t happen without the right people. HR and Talent Acquisition teams play a key part in executing on business objectives. Your RPO partner should be aligned to what constitutes success for you and your team. They should work transparently and proactively to track progress toward those results. 

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