Get The Monthly U.S. Unemployment Rate & Average Hourly Wage Report


Monthly U.S. Unemployment Rate & U.S. Average Hourly Wage Report

Source2’s Monthly U.S. Unemployment Rate & U.S. Average Hourly Wage report makes it easy to quickly see the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Current Employment Statistics (CES) surveys. No digging through thousands of data points - just a simple concise outlook as an excel spreadsheet with three-years of data in cell and chart formats, or a one-page pdf snapshot to print and share.

Source2 RPO December 2018 Insights: Employees who find themselves dissatisfied with sluggish wage growth and little opportunity for advancement are leaving their employers for better opportunity with little concern over having a replacement job already lined up. Employers seeking skilled talent are going to find themselves especially challenged for the foreseeable future as all indicators point to a lack of available skilled trade workers in this employee’s job market.

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