Finding The Right Person 

High Volume Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a recruiting solution for finding the right talent in a large pool of applicants resulting in greater flexibility, lower costs, and increased performance.



  • Too much time spent processing a high volume of applicants.
  • Managers and recruiters unable to get to more valuable work.
  • Recruitment advertising expensive, unknown ROI.


  • Flexibility. Scale-up or down without high, fixed costs.
  • Time savings. Internal resources freed-up to focus on the most valuable work and positions.
  • Performance. Increase hiring performance through economies of scale, focus, efficient processes, and proven technology.


  • 2%-5% of first year’s annual compensation depending on difficulty and volume.

Solution Summary

  • Best for companies consistently hiring 100-5000+ employees in a single job family annually with a high volume of applicants.
  • Source2 assumes some or all of the recruiting process, for some or all job families and locations.
  • Client retains final hiring decision.
  • Includes expert team, client-branded marketing & advertising, applicant tracking system, reporting and analytics.
Recruiting Brief