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Job Market Insights

Fall 2016: Nationally, the unemployment rate continues its downward trend and the average U.S. hourly wage continues to rise.  There is an ongoing mismatch between employers and job seekers.  In many occupations, both high and low skill, employer demand is greater than the supply of candidates.

In some cases, these shortages are due to a low number of candidates in the population.  In other cases, it is due to skills mismatch, or a misalignment of interests: employers are hiring for one type of job and pay rate, while candidates are seeking another.  Real-time job search data coupled with other sources can show us where this mismatch stems from.

Using our own data analysis as well as partner resources, Source2 provides labor supply & demand and compensation analytics through our free Job Market Insights reports.  National Reports are available for immediate download.  Source2 also provides reports custom-tailored to your organization's specific position and location.


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